Cry Me Cry You

Cry Me Cry You

I always wanted to hunt
to hold a weapon – and Kill.
My world could shrink
and rest.
Prey in my pocket.
Making death mine
I might walk
(never prowl) in confidence.
A veteran of much flesh
Many clacking bones; me.
Death my pet
you can't surprise me.
I will kill you.

Cry me cry you.
I will return you
vagabond of no form
orphan of no flesh.
I will return you
it will hurt you,
it will hurt me,
It is already hurting me.
Cry me cry you.
An expanse of sadness
a ditch of rage.
Cry me cry you.

Cry me cry you.
Holes in the tree,
holes in people.
Spirit enters inside,
spirit come out.
Spirit come out to your no home,
to sun and more sun.
Sun wind, sun sky, sun breath,
a virgin wilderness, an unknown spirit.
Cry you never to be known.
Cry me; come outside spirit.
Big trees die and grow on their own.
We don't decide.
Spirit come outside.
There is life.
There is death.
Spirit cry to me.
Spirit come outside to cry.
Cry me to live. Cry you to die.
Abundant cry you.
Tiny cry me.
Cry me to decide.
Cry you to the outside.
Cry you all the way to
No Home.

© 1990 Theresa Laughinghare

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