Artist Statement

I was born in 1952 in a small town in Vermont, the seventh in a family of thirteen children. Because of poverty and strife I clung precariously throughout my childhood to the magnificent world of creativity. That left an indelible craving within me. I continued into adulthood pursuing many creative venues. Thereafter, comedy, dance, theatre, and a blind insurgence into the world of visual arts were on my agenda. I studied here and there with great earnestness. I have always had a tremendous amount of energy, and it showed up in my art work as great production. I became obsessed with doll making in 1981. Dolls embodied a kind of life and archetype which spoke to all aspects of life. I loved the world of "real life" dolls. In 1994 an old friend of mine was killed in a boating accident in Alaska. Because I could not attend her funeral; I decided to go down to the Rio Grande River and say goodbye to her there. That was the day I found the glass dump. Piles and piles of glass left over from garbage discarded many years ago. I knew instantly that I was supposed to do something with this glass. I spent that day building glass sculpture at the dump, and I came back the next day and did the same thing. Needless to say I brought some glass home and began the process of glass and me. Ten years later I've come to a whole new place with glass. Melting glass, cutting glass and creating mosaics and kaleidescopes is what it is all about now.  No doubt this will change too over time. I continue to pursue creativity as a reason for living. Because of this I am constantly given creative impetus. This is a good thing.

Glass is a substance made of sand, charcoal, and soda ash. For some glass other substances such as quartz or flint are used. Glass is fluid at high temperatures, and passes to a solid condition when cooled. Metalic oxides are used to color glass.

The origin of glass is not entirely known. The first glass works were found in the egyptian tombs of the fourth millenium B.C. Since then glass has known a wide range of shapes designes and uses. Glass is unique in its' ability to provide essential human needs as well as delight and intrigue the viewer with light and how it is carried through glass.

See glass, enjoy light!

Peace Angel

Actual size is 12 1/8" High, 10"-10 1/4" Wide.
Not for Sale

Glass Mosaic on Glass

Stained glass and fused stained glass mosaic on glass.

This shows how dazzling a glass on glass mosaic looks in the sun.

Artist At Work

Theresa in her studio.


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